Health Boosters- The Real Deal On Supplements for Kids

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Why? How much? Which ones?… are some of the frequently asked questions I get when it comes to kids and supplements. Summer can be a great opportunity to make healthy changes or refocus your families’ health routines. Or, better yet, if you don’t have a health routine, now is the time to start one. Typically, we don’t think of kids needing supplements but what we don’t realize is that our bodies do not get everything they need from food alone.…

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The Importance of a Healthy Community

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It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a community of supportive family and friends to keep that child living longer into his or her adulthood.

In their ongoing search for better health and longevity, people are reading up on natural health techniques, taking supplements, seeing natural health doctors and watching what they eat. Many of them are even doing the unimaginable: lowering their fists at one another while driving to lower stress. But they are overlooking an …

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Make My Day. Ask Me a Question

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Many people think that to get rid of sugar cravings, reverse disease, having better brain health starts with a better diet. Almost. But it really starts with questions. The right kind of questions. Knowledge is having the right answers, but intelligence is asking the right questions.

How do I know if I’m gluten intolerant?

Can I overcome a family history of disease, or is it my fate?

How can I get rid of my sugar cravings, and feel fuller after

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Eating Cheap Doesn’t Mean Eating Poorly

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You looked in the fruit and vegetable aisle. You saw how fresh and green the broccoli looks, so you decided to take a couple of stalks, but not before doing a double take on the price. You sighed, put the broccoli back, and then headed on over to the "dead aisles"; the Alzheimer’s and high blood pressure aisles, attractively lined with man-made, processed foods filled with sugar and salt to draw you in.

No, I wasn’t following you. I just …

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Keeping Kids Omni

How My Independent Kid Stays Healthy

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What’s one of the hardest jobs in the world?

Deep-sea fishing? Lumberjack? Police officer?

Candidates for this (arguably) hardest job in the world must be willing to work over 100 hours a week, have impeccable time management skills, be on call 24/7, have unlimited patience, and be cool, calm and collective under pressure.

It’s being a mom.


One of the struggles of a mom is to make sure her kids eat right. We are what we eat, and food—especially …

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Travel Tips

Your Ticket to Omni Diet Traveling

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You’re going on a trip for the next few days. Would you leave your medicine at home?

Dumb question, right? But many of you, who use food as medicine, leave your healthy eating habits at home. You either feel that you can’t do it or you let it slide, regretting it when you get home.

This week’s video is for all you travelers who want to take The Omni Diet program with you on the road. You may feel that …

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Balance Food

How to Tell Your Brain You’re Full

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This is my favorite question by far, because I get it so often:

“I feel hungry even after I have just eaten. Are there foods I can eat that will actually tell my brain that I am full?”

Sound familiar?

We spend a lot of time on this in our weight-loss classes and our online community, Brain Fit Life and in The Omni Diet. So I’m going to touch on this today, and send you away with some pearls.…

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Vitamins for your Health

Take Supplements That Match Your Personal Health

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"Take two multivitamins, and call me in the morning."

Because doctors are paid big drug bucks by the pharmaceutical companies to promote and sell their drugs, you’d be hard-pressed to find a doctor who will ask you about your diet and if you are taking supplements.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not opposed to medication when it’s called for. I’m certainly not opposed to physicians. Heck, I’m married to one. I’m simply opposed to the indiscriminate use of medication at …

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How The Omni Diet Has Evolved

How The Omni Diet Has Evolved

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Back in the early 1900’s, Thomas Edison said, "The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

Part clairvoyant, part inventor? The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) and the National Center for Health Statistics (part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that over 40% of Americans uses natural health methods, mainly in the …

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The Omni Diet: Picky Kid Approved

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I receive an extraordinary number of questions about what to feed children, so that’s what I want to talk about. Some of the foods I am going to share with you in the video (further below) are my daughter’s favorites and can be found in the book, Healing ADD Through Food.


Click here for a closer look


It’s no secret that obesity and type 2 diabetes rates are still rising in kids and appearing at younger …

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