Take the Omni Health Holiday Challenge – Start Your Health Program in November!

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So you’re going to wait until after the holidays to start your health program? Did you know that more heart attacks occur on December 25th than any other day of the year? Experts believe it’s a combination of stress, overindulging in inflammatory foods and alcohol and lack of sleep. Traveling and the decision to postpone medical attention for serious symptoms also factor in. Let’s back up. It all starts with Halloween. Your bliss point is triggered when you overwhelm your…

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Don’t Let Sleep Deprivation Make You the Family Scrooge! Holiday Sleep Hygiene Challenge – Week 2

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If you are just joining us for the Sleep Hygiene Challenge, I’d like to strongly encourage you to go back and print last week’s blog and answer the sleep assessment questions to help determine what might be keeping you awake. You can find it at Now that you’ve done the sleep assessment, you’re ready to start making corrections and begin enjoying restful sleep this holiday season. 12 Tips to Enjoy Restful Sleep Sometimes, solving a sleep problem is…

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Don’t Be a Sleepyhead This Holiday Season. Take the 2 Week Sleep Hygiene Challenge. (Pt. 1 of 2)

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The holidays season is upon us with parties, shopping, travel and… sleep deprivation! For as much fun as the holidays can be, they are equally stressful for many people, leading to sleepless nights and foggy days. Sleep is a cornerstone of long-term brain health and vibrant energy. It also plays a surprising part in weight control. Many studies have shown that chronic failure to get enough sleep increases the risk of being overweight or obese. You should get at least…

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Halloween Doesn’t Have to be Scary for Your Health! Try These Free Brain Healthy Recipes.

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It’s October. I’m already seeing signs of little witches, spiders, ghosts and zombies roaming around, and it’s no wonder. Half of the kids are already well on their way to candy coma, while the other half are climbing the walls with sugar highs. Unfortunately, this exciting month of parties and costumes is a nutritional nightmare for parents! We always want to ensure the safety of our children in every way possible, and decreasing sugar intake is no exception. While we…

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Why You Should Switch to Quinoa(6)

The Evolved Brain Warrior – Part 3

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The people in your tribe are contagious. Therefore, be conscious about with whom you spend your time. I think of time like currency, and people like an investment. Frankly, most of my friends and colleagues are smarter, more successful, more graceful, more generous, and make a bigger difference. This doesn’t make me jealous; it inspires me to be better! Be happy if you look around and notice that your tribe outshines you. I bet they want to help. If not,…

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Why You Should Switch to Quinoa(4)

The Evolved Brain Warrior – Part 2

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If you’ve been following our series on choosing your tribe wisely, you’re starting to understand the hazards of “blind loyalty” and being part of the wrong tribe. Overriding individual thought and creating herd mentality is hazardous. Dehumanizing the “other tribe” makes it easier to behave in ways most people never would if they personally knew someone in it. We always want you to think for yourself and become part of a tribe that is making a positive difference in the…

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The Evolved Brain Warrior

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People have banded together to form tribes from the beginning of time. The reason is simple – survival. According to current research, modern lone warriors don’t fare much better today than in prehistoric times when T. Rex. might’ve popped his head in for a midnight snack. Humans are also hard wired to be social creatures and need bonding. According to biologist, E.O. Wilson, people, all people (no exception), need a group to belong to, to show loyalty, jockey for power,…

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Why Can’t You Collect Purses Instead of Bruises – Like a Normal Mom?

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Rolling her eyes when she saw the dozens of cuts and bruises on my body, my daughter said, “Why can’t you be a normal mom and hang out at the mall with your friends and collect purses instead of bruises?” Laughing I said, “How you train is how you fight, literally and metaphorically. Even with your health, you can’t start training on fight day thinking you’ll win. It’s a lifestyle. You have to build consistent strength, skill and reserve.” Let…

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Brain Agents of Mass Destruction!

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What do the following slogans have in common (besides the fact that they are still stuck in your limbic brain decades after they were created)? “All day, you gotta do what they say. But lunchtime is all yours.” “Things go better with Coke” “You deserve a break today” “I’d love to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner…” “They’re grrrrreat!” “Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!” “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands” “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you…

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Travel Preparation and Urban Survival: Be Prepared Away From Home

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While Daniel finds my obsession with disaster planning somewhat entertaining, he chalks it up to “working out unresolved childhood issues”, and he may have a point. It doesn’t help that I worked as a trauma nurse for years and witnessed, first hand, the effects of people being unprepared in emergencies. However, those of us who have experienced trauma or hardship in the past as a result of not being prepared in a disaster are more likely not to forget quickly.…

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